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Structural Renovation 

StruKtur Design Group, LLC was established in 2007.


StruKtur Design Group, LLC is a professional consulting computer aid design & drafting (CADD) firm.  Mr. Tim Moore created StruKtur and has a combine 20 plus years of designing & drafting experience; Mr. Moore has worked with structural and mechanical engineers in the commercial industry, as well as in the oil & gas sector.  The pride of StruKtur is adverting business with integrity, honesty, and professional ethics, which produces great results for our customers.



*Certifications for "drafting services": HUB/MBE/DBE/SBE

*Federal online: VOSB/SBE/DSB/MOB

 * Registered with CCR, VETBIZ, ORCA, & HCC

“CADD solutions for 2d schematics & 3d models"