StruKtur Design Group, LLC was established in 2007.  

StruKtur provides Computer-Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) related type services to its client base.  StruKtur’s experience is primarily in the commercial & residential field.  The pride of StruKtur is adverting business with integrity, honesty, and professional ethics, which produces great results for our clients.  StruKtur aligns itself with those requiring CADD consultancy in the AEC Communities for CADD base type designs.  StruKtur’s real-world project experience and skill set allows it to bring resolution to a variety of projects in the design or construction phase of a given project.  To better able serve our clients, StruKtur encourages design team transparencies and dialogues among stakeholders.  

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Management Profile

Tim Moore – Owner/Founder/Consultant, Tim work on building CADD design team relationship with clients.   If asked, what are a few common items  that will allow a project to continue moving forward rather than remain at a standstill or halt – having a prepared allocation of funds towards all design phrases, defining a clear scope of design work, and being reasonable on attainable turnaround times on requested designs.  Tim has gained a combined total of 26 plus years of CADD design type work experience; in which 14 plus years are with StruKtur, 10 plus years with a structural engineer firm and 3 plus years in the oil & gas sector as a structural Rig Power House designer.  Tim has received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston.   He has also received an Associate’s degree of Applied Science in Computer-Aided Drafting from I.T.T. Technical Institute.  Throughout the years Tim has received several “Certificate of Training” such as the School of Construction Management and UH SURE Program.  Tim is a military veteran that served in the United State Marine Corps for 4 plus years and campaigned during the first Gulf War.

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