CADD Scopes

permit packages

 Reviewed by authorities to ensure designs adhere to building codes.  And, once regulators are satisfied with the plans, building permits may be issued to allow construction to commence.

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New or Renovation designs

A set of drawings or city red-tag items usually submitted upon the completion of a project or a particular job.  The design reflects all changes made in the specifications and any working drawings during the construction process.

Conceptual Designs

Conceptual Designs

An early phase of the design process that might include a concept sketch of general floor layouts, building elevations, or models. The actual final finish design might differ from the conceptual due to the generalization of the concept design, as well as any required building regulations.

Construction Documents

The final complete set of plans is referred typically as the "100% construction documents or CDs", and at some stage could be revised.  CDs help translate the needs to the owner or developer into a buildable format and allow the owner to put the project out for bids and permits, as well as provide comprehensive instructions to contractors.

Shop Drawings

A drawing or set of drawings mostly created by contractors for prefabrication and installation of the item(s) to the manufacturer's production crews or contractor's installation crews.   And, usually shows more general details than the construction documents.

BIM Coordination

BIM Coordination

A process supported by various tools, technologies, and contracts involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places.  BIM design tools could better able construction collaboration and communication among stakeholders.